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's going worldwide thanks to chuck. we took it everywhere. >> this whole city loves chuck brown, from kids to senior citizens. they want to pay homage to a great man who loved so much music, so much love. ♪ it's so hard to say goodbye to yesterday ♪ thank you, chuck brown. >> reporter: that is just one of the gentlemen who will be performing here today in just a few moments inside the convention center. i've got to tell you since we've been covering the passing and the celebration of chuck brown's life, i've heard so many wonderful stories about how he loved his fans and each and every one it seems has a picture with chuck brown. i'm told he carved out 30 minutes out of every single performance, even up until the last and final performances of his life just so he could sit with people, take some pictures, sign autographs so family members say listen, it is only fitting and appropriate that we share this final goodbye and farewell with all the fans that meant so much to chuck brown. back to you, lesli. >> if you would like to loner chuck brown's memory, his family asked that donations b
in people. now people pay their respects to the father of go-go chuck brown. thank you for joining us. i'm jc hayward. >>> fans began lining up for today's viewing long before the howard theatre opened its doors at 11:00. we have team coverage of today's viewing for the music ledge jendle. we're going to -- legend. we're going to begin with bruce johnson who joins us from the howard theatre. >> reporter: they started lining up a couple of hours ago. i'm surrounded by a few of chuck brown's friends. it's been like this all morning long. wind me up, chuck. let's go to the videotape. ♪ feel like busting loose >> i'm both sad and excited. chuck and i were personal friends for 35, 40 years. >> i'm going to miss him. it ain't going to be the same ever again. >> the godfather of soul. >> the music, man, is unbelievable, manual. just wish -- man. just wish you were in that zone. just keeps you there for the whole party. >> chuck was like a father to me for real. he taught me, you know, the ups and downs of the business. >> we claimed chuck. chuck was ours. and we think, you know, he made it we
. >>> washington, d.c. came to a standstill and all you could hear was chuck brown on the air waves. the godfather of go-go died at johns hopkins hospital yesterday. he had been battling pneumonia. he was 75 years old. delia goncalves takes a look at how fans are remembering the legend. >> reporter: we are in a studios of pgc where the deejays and fans are remembering the life and music of chuck brown. >> we are here to celebrate 30 years of go-go today. we want to take your phone calls. >> reporter: dedicating yet another day to d.c. icon and music legend chuck brown, memories from the personalities. >> this man does he really touches so many people and i don't think it's just the music, it's his personality. >> you think about chuck brown not a music that he didn't touch. he had a gospel song. >> reporter: the fans phoning in. >> i'm almost 50 years old and he's always been a part of my life. i knew when i heard his music that i was going to have a good time. >> it cost in 25 cents -- that was between '70 and '74. >> how you doing today? >> i'm all right, better than yesterday you know. had the
. candidate b, is brown who was a candidate for mayor back then. in these charges the assistant treasurer for the gray campaign is charged with using funds from the gray campaign to purchase money orders. count one talked about a $100 money order. count two talked about a $335 money order. count 3 talked about a $100 money order and they say this money was taken from the gray campaign, money orders were purchased and then the money was turned over to candidate b, and we are told that is brown. the most serious charge carries 20 years in prison, obstruction of justice and what prosecutors are charging in this charge is that the assistant treasurer had the intent to impede, obstruct and influence the investigation, that is the one that gets you serious jail time. just quickly, giving you background, j.c., you call brown, a minor candidate for mayor, claims vincent gray and staffers solicited him to continue criticizing the incumbent mayor at the time. he says it was a quid pro quo situation, that he was promised and given campaign support, and he produced some money orders, at that time. we
of the plans for a memorial service for music legend chuck brown. he died last week after being hospitalized for pneumonia. his daughter tells "the washington post" that a viewing is planned for tuesday at the howard theatre. the paper also reports that brown's funeral will take place at the verizon center or the convention center next thursday. we checked with brown's manager. he says that the details have not been finalized and they are subject to change. we will let you know when the services are finalized on our newscast as well as on our website wusa9.com, on facebook and also twitter. >>> the man who runs the secret service is facing tough questions about the prostitution scandal rocking his agency. danielle nottingham reports that scandal is forcing agencies to revise their codes of conduct. >> reporter: secret service director mike sullivan told lawmakers the misconduct of agents in the columbian prostitution scandal did not endanger president obama. sullivan is on the hot seat following revelations that secret service agents hired prostitutes in colombia prior to president obama's a
from rhode island. tsa officials stopped a father and his young son yesterday. terrell brown reports they had gun parts and ammunition in a bizarre hiding place. >> reporter: on monday at the airport in providence, rhode island, a routine search turned into a major security scare. while screening a passenger's carry-on bag, tsa agents found the hardware of a 40 caliber gun, a magazine loaded with two rounds of ammunition, and a firing pin all concealed within three stuffed animals, including a mickey mouse. >> the stuffed animals were contained in the carry-on bag. the carry-on bag was going through normal procedures. >> reporter: the bag belonged to a 4-year-old boy traveling with his father to detroit. tsa agents confiscated the items but let the man and boy get on their plane. >> the officers were comfortable allowing the father and son continue on the flight. he indicated that he was unaware they were there. the public was never in any danger. >> reporter: police believe neither father nor son knew they were carrying a weapon and in a statement a spokesperson said, they believe t
to stealing money from the city. he will spend three years in prison. >>> the public viewing of chuck brown has to be cut short last night. police cleared a crowd at about 8:30. they didn't want anyone becoming injured in the storm. which we're moving through that area. thousands of people visited the howard theater yesterday to pay their respects and to pay attribute to the god father of go go music. chuck brown died two weeks ago. and the scene outside the theater actually resembled a street party. something people say chuck brown would have enjoyed. >> a great man that brought the city together through music. >> rest in peace. we love you. >> there will be a public memorial service for chuck brown tomorrow at the washington convention center. the doors will open at 10:00 a.m. and the memorial begins at noon. >>> another musical legend is being remembered this afternoon. doc watson the master of bluegrass, folk, country and gospel died at a hospital in north carolina yesterday. his career spans several decades and influenced numerous musicians. he was blind and doc watson was 89 years old
candidate sulaimon brown. it is believed that brooks will likely become an informant of sorts for federal investigators looking into what happened during gray's 2010 campaign. and d.c. council member marion barry was nice to the asian community yesterday, but he offended another nationality in the process. the ward eight councilman met with leaders from asian american organizations in order to apology for two offensive comments that he made last month. however, council member barry then said the following while explaining how many different groups of people met hostility when they first came to the united states. >> the irish caught hell, the jews caught hell, the pollocks caught hell. the chinese caught hell. >> that is considered a derog ter name -- derogatory name for polish people. local asian leaders accepted his apology and they say that they want to work with him in order to ease racial tension. barry now has also apologized to the polish community. >>> musician chuck brown brought washingtonians from all backgrounds together and plans have been finalized to celebrate the life and
with the murder of trooper wesley brown. trooper brown was working security for an appleby's restaurant in forrestville in june 2010. he threw out williams for being drunk and disorderly. williams got a gun, returned and shot brown to death. >>> we've just learned that d.c. police have charged 19- year-old michael davis for the death of a tourist from colorado. davis is the younger brother of n.f.l. players vernon and vonte davis. the victim, 66-year-old gary dederichs of denver died from head trauma last month. police found his body in the city's petworth area. the defendant was already in custody. he had been charged with two other attacks. >>> a special session is beginning next week in maryland's capital, but the deal is set and the votes are in place to finalize a budget. that will avoid half a billion dollars in drastic cuts. the house and the senate are expected to approve the new budget which hikes taxes on high earners. that's individuals who make more than 100,000 a year or couples making $150,000 a year. their taxes will go up as much as three-quarters of a percent. when it c
.c. music legend chuck brown who has been in the hospital. the "washington post" is reporting that the godfather of go go music is being treated for pneumonia. there is video of brown performing for npr last year. the local music legend has been in the hospital for two months, and he had a blood clot removed. his daughter tells "the washington post" that her father is recovering, but there is no immediate timetable for his release. >>> coming up on 9news now at noon, it's nothing to look at but is this the ugliest in the world? we'll tell you about a new distinction for the f.b.i. building. >>> also, it's one of the most eagerly anticipated planes in aviation history. we're going to take you aboard the dreamliner in just a moment. every day potentially harmful germs can collect on the surface of a denture. leading regular toothpastes are not designed to kill the bacteria that polident is designed to kill. polident's unique microclean formula has been proven to eliminate thousands of times more of the germs that can grow on dentures than leading regular toothpastes. that's why
contributions to then mayoral candidate sulaimon brown. gore sls charged with destroying a ledger recording the alleged payoff. our bruce johnson is in federal court. he'll bring us more information when he gets it. >>> if you take piper lane or nokesville road in bristow, virginia, you may want to plan to take an alternate route because rain has washed out several roads in that area and water is about waste deep. police have set up cones and signs in order to warn drivers. crews are also bill business -- are also busy repairing several sinkholes because of the rain. let's get to howard with the full forecast. >>> hello. we are looking at the threat for shores and -- for showers and thunderstorms this afternoon and the next several. these are areas that got 4 and 5-inch rain totals last night. caused all sorts of problems with washed out roads and high water. we're watching that for another couple hours unless it gets extended again. it was originally supposed to expire at 10:15 this morning. pretty quiet. most of the rain up across new england. we're seeing some thunderstorms in western we
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11